Inovae offers various training modules to master your software but also to train you to market standards or, for example, to understand what a LMS is.

Face-To-Face training:

ILS N1 Inovae Learning Suite, Quick Start

Duration: 3 days
(for everybody - discovery and practice of Inovae suite's basic tools)

PCEGI: Program Consultant Expert Inovae Suite (IPP IQP, IMC)

Duration: 3 days
(Training Reserved for independent Consultants – signature of a partnership)

IPP R1: Inovae Publisher Pro, Quick Start

Duration: 2 days
(for everybody – discovery of the different wizards and the content and interaction's publisher)

IPP R2: Demos and software simulations with Inovae Publisher Pro

Duration: 1 day
(Knowledge of the necessary tool equivalent to the training level 1)

IPP N1 Inovae Publisher Pro, Practice

Duration: 3 days
(for everybody - full training practice on Inovae Publisher - Level 1)

IPP N2 Inovae Publisher Pro, improvement

Duration: 2 days
(Prerequisite Level 1 - Integration of scripts, change analysis ... - Level 2)

CPeL: Instructional Design of an e-learning module

Duration: 3 days
(recommended training for traditional trainers interested in the e-learning)

IMeL: Integrating media in online training modules

Duration: 2 days
(problematics about weight, copyrights, storyboarding, costs, technique ...)

LMS N1: Discovery of a Learning Management System (LMS)

Duration: 1 day
(definition and characteristics, market overview, open source / editor)

SCEL N1: communication standards in e-learning (AICC, SCORM 1.2, 2004)

Duration: 2 days
(for everybody - history, evolution and roles of communication standards in e-learning)

SCEL N2 Practices from experts on communication standards in e-learning

Duration: 5 days
(standards, formal tests, tools, file structure, intensive practice)


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