The SCORM Packager, fast, simple and effective

Create training courses in accordance with standards, quickly, simply, whatever the origin of the content and without any knowledge SCORM.

Interoperability between modules and LMS

Most LMS platforms obey to communication standards, including SCORM. But they are complex and difficult to master.
If the software author (Inovae Publisher Pro, Tactic, E-Learning Maker, Flash, ...) can easily edit content compatible, to organize existing content from various sources is much more difficult and that why we created Inovae Quick Packager.

Quick and easy assembly

Quick Inovae Packager lets you import contents compatible with SCORM 1.2 and 2004 to organize courses quickly and easily.
Its stepwise approach guides the user during the creation of the learning path, all without any knowledge of SCORM!

IQP capt ecranStep by Step Process

1 Import resources

Whatever the origin of the content provided is, it just needs to be SCORM (1.2 or 2004) or simple resource consultation compatible. A simple Drag / Drop is enough to add content to join in the project.

2 Building the course

A tree editor allows you to easily create the structure of course, its chapters, sub-chapters and educational activities.

3 Linking resources to activities

Then, you just have to bind the imported content to educational activities. New Drag / Drop is enough to be able to associate a content or a file in an activity.

4 Export ProjectAs a ZIP archive compatible with SCORM, importable into any compatible LMS with the chosen SCORM version.

Quick Inovae Packager v1 it’s

Packager SCORM 1.2 and 2004 versions
Sequential process of courses creation without programming
Requires no knowledge of SCORM standards
Allows the assembly of content from any source as long as they are SCORM 1.2 or 2004 compatible
Works on any computer with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8