Inovae Learning Presenter allows them to be free from the constraints of linear presentation with a multidirectional navigation controllable by a physical or virtual remote control (without needing to be near the computer).

Definitely user oriented, its main goal is to give control of the presentation’s progress to the speaker throughout it and allow, for example, to easily respond to a request from an intern to review a video or screen presented an hour before.

Visuel ILPPermanent control of your presentations

Several major and unreleased features present in Inovae Learning Presenter make life easier everyday: multidirectional navigation throughout the presentation (next and previous screen, next or previous chapter, media launch, permanent access to the glossary or menu presentation).

The virtual remote control appears by right-clicking by the presenter at any time to allow the navigation and menu access. It can be supplemented by a physical wireless remote to play the presentation without being near the computer.

The presenter can also change the background graphic to display dark colors if the environment is very bright and clear if it is dark: another unpublished function that allow the presenter to stay focused on the subject and do not suffer constraints of a disturbing environment.


Inovae Learning Presenter handle in the same file the native language and foreign language versions.

Step by Step Process

Import your PowerPoint presentation ©

With an auto-capture, you will be able to capitalize with Inovae Learning Presenter by converting and optimizing all your presentations.

Integration of your media

Videos, MP3 sounds, images, Flash animations, PDF documents etc ...

you will integrate and index all media related to your presentation.

Inovae Learning Presenter v1.2 it’s

The control center of your presentations

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Integrate and index your media

Your multilingual presentations within a single presentation

Innovative ergonomy available to the presenter

Works on any computer with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8