You wish to propose Inovae's softwares to your clients

You are a consultancy and training company, elearning expert company, Web agency with add value, software reseller., and you want to consolidate your position or develop tour business on this new market with a software major product !

Inovae offers two types of contracts :

  • The first one is intended for companies that have an occasionnal need for a client, in case of projectfor example, but they dont want to be sofware reseller.
  • The second is for companies that want a lasting partenship and are ready to invest to be present in this business with a professionnal solution and that want to propose advice, training and services around this solution.


ditributeurInovae search partners in France :

  • Rhône Alpes,
  • Provence Cote d'Azur (+ Monaco),
  • Midi Pyrénées,
  • Nord Pas de Calais,
  • Grand Est ;

but also as part of its international developement :

  • in Germany,
  • in Belgium,
  • in Canada (english),
  • in Spain,
  • in USA,
  • in Italia,
  • in Africa


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